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Short Rental Vacation Advantages During Covid-19

After being at quarantine for few weeks, people are looking for ways to escape, and stay safe at the same time. Covid-19 is at the forefront of everyone’s minds, we at OhanaDestin wants to help you plan your next vacation while keeping our guests and staff safety as top priority.

Governor Ron DeSantis has announced that Northwest Florida Counties are approved to reopen vacation rentals with COVID-19 standards in place. All vacation rentals must adopt the new standards in order to reopen. Learn more about COVID-19 Florida's Guidelines here.

In Walton County, the beaches have fully reopened and social distancing is required. All residents and visitors are asked to continue to practice social distancing to prevent spreading Corona Virus to others during these unprecedented times.

For Walton County beaches, Visit South Walton provides information and updates for travelers on their COVID-19 Travel Update page.

At time like this booking a vacation home seems like a good solution. You get to enjoy the beach or outdoors, get some needed sun and fresh air and ,maybe a chilled drink and some fun social time with close friends and family. Most people will try to avoid crowded places like adventure parks, large cruises, busy hotels and even air travel so one of the best options for a safer, fun and relaxing vacation is booking your own beach house or condo. Vacation rental houses, like OhanaDestin in Miramar Beach Florida offer many great benefits that make them the perfect option for a great vacation with your friends & family. Here are 9 excellent reasons to consider a beach vacation home right now: Thoroughly Cleaned On average, the staff at hotel chains are expected to clean each room in about 33 minutes. That isn’t much time to ensure you clean and disinfect every surface. Meanwhile, those who clean OhanaDestin private vacation homes can take the hours needed to meticulously clean and sanitize the home between guests. This ensures a healthy environment for every new guest. Contactless Check-In During this time of social distancing, we should all do our best to limit contact. This can be difficult to do when staying in a traditional hotel. Our vacation homes offer completely contactless check-in. No meeting up with anyone or standing in line to get a key. Simply use the door code you’re given online and start your vacation! Big Enough for Everyone Planning a big family vacation? Want to get away with friends while still avoiding contact with the public? Our private vacation homes are big enough to accommodate large groups. You can enjoy time together while staying in, enjoy the pool, Playroom and the yard, cook, grill & eat together and even have the kids go to bed early while adults stay up late and keep enjoying. No Shared Public Spaces Short-term vacation rentals are big enough to accommodate your family and friends, and you can rest assured no strangers will be in the house with you. You won’t be sharing recirculated air, elevators, stairwells, or a lobby with other people. Fully Stocked Kitchen Private vacation homes also offer private kitchens. Not only that, but all of our kitchens are fully stocked with all the pots, pans, and dishes you need to cook throughout your vacation. This means you can avoid eating out in restaurants entirely if you so choose, saving you money and further limiting your contact with the general public. Walk To The Beach Only 5 minutes walk from our Beach House you can find the most beautiful beaches in the US located at Miramar Beach/Destin! The soft white sand, the turquoise water, and the amazing weather are a perfect combination for a great beach vacation! If you’ve never been, you gotta see it for yourself, and if you have been, you already know, there is no competition for these amazing beaches. You don’t even need to look for parking or use public transportation! Just walk down the street and you’re at the beach. Front Door Deliveries Don’t like the idea of cooking your own meals while on vacation? Or do you prefer not to head to a local grocery store even if you don’t mind the cooking part? Staying in a short-term vacation rental means you can have takeout, groceries, and all other deliveries brought straight to your front door, making life easier for both you and the delivery person. Feels Like Home Last but not least, our short-term vacation rentals feel like home. Considering you’ve been surrounded by the comforts of home for the past several weeks, sacrificing any of those in order to stay in a hotel is sure to be more noticeable than ever. Fortunately, you don’t have to do that. A vacation rental home offers all of those comforts, and may even add a few extra luxuries for good measure.

Are you ready to start planning your next family vacation, getaway with friends, or romantic beach stay? We’re here for you! Contact us or book directly online with no fees and best prices guaranteed today!

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