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Miramar Beach and Destin Should Be Your Next Fishing Destination

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Top reasons why Miramar Beach / Destin, Florida should be your next fisherman location:

1. Geographical features– A look at any nautical map will show you that Miramar Beach quick access to the deepest depths of the Gulf is unique to the area. Nearby ports are not nearly as lucky and the trip from shore to deep water takes much longer from other locations. Because various species of fish live at different depths, what this means for Destin fishermen is that they can reach all depths of fishable water for every Gulf species quicker that in any other location along the Gulf.

2. Fishing with Kids

Treat the whole family to a Child-Friendly Fishing Charter! Miramar Beach are full with kid-fishing trips and designed to introduce children to the excitement of saltwater fishing. The captain will take his time to explain the different types of fish and gear. Kids will have the opportunity to catch fish and enjoy quality time with their loved ones on the water.

2 hour trip - Ages 3-73 hour trip - Ages 8-13

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3. Types of Fishing Charters in Miramar Beach - Destin offers a wide variety of charter fishing opportunities that help to make it one of the top fishing destinations in the world. For those who are new to the sport, these choices can be overwhelming. Here, we lay out the different types of fishing charters in Destin to help you decide which kind of fishing charter is right for you. most common are the Bay fishing, Trolling and Bottom fishing. Miramar beach has it all!

Fishing Licenses information:

You will require fishing license from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission before heading fishing on your own. You can pick one up at any local bait & tackle or sporting goods store. Expect to pay about $17 for a 3-day fishing license.

Looking for a place to stay, look no further Ohanadestin beach house rentals are located just 5 Min walk from Miramar beach white sand beaches! Pet friendly house which can accommodate 10 people, Kids will enjoy the large renovated playroom with Foosball and hockey table!
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