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Looking for nice trails or state park around Miramar Beach/Destin area?

Want to take a break from the beach or OhanaDestin Pool? You can explore the trails Miramar Beach and Destin has to offer!


Henderson Beach Nature Trail – Ridge of dunes in Destin, the nature trail at Henderson Beach State Park leads you through bright sands in coastal scrub and maritime forest.

Henderson Beach State Park – There’s a reason this is called the Emerald Coast, and you’ll know why as soon as the sparkling waters of the Gulf of Mexico catch your eye.

Miramar Beach

Few minutes a way from our Beach House you can find Miramar Beach natural lands protecting some of the world’s rarest lakes, the Coastal Dune Lakes. They are freshwater bodies that flush out to the sea sporadically.

Topsail Hill Preserve Hiking Trails – Protecting more than 3 miles of oceanfront on the Gulf of Mexico, Topsail Hill Preserve State Park has an extensive day hiking trails system with over 15 miles of hiking.

Topsail Hill Preserve State Park – Beautiful sweeps of beach, Topsail Hill Preserve State Park is a linear preserve with tall dunes along three miles of shoreline.


Best known for its beaches, bike paths, and barrier island parks, 30A Hwy is also a launch point for backpacking and long day hikes.

Eden Gardens State Park – At Eden Gardens State Park, lush cultivated gardens surround the historic Wesley House, a restored antebellum plantation home built by timber baron William Henry Wesley in 1897.

Tucker Bayou Trail – At Eden Gardens State Park, the Tucker Bayou Trail starts and ends at the Tucker Bayou picnic area and leads you through dense forests.

Deer Lake State Park – At Deer Lake State Park, the coastal flatwoods ecosystem hosts rare pitcher plants, Gulf Coast lupine and stately magnolias along a coastal dune lake, with beach access along the Gulf of Mexico at Alys Beach.

Grayton Beach Nature Trails – At Grayton Beach State Park, the nature trail system introduces you to a coastal dune lake and its surrounding habitats, as well as showcasing the beauty of the beach

Grayton Beach State Park – Grayton Beach State Park protects one in a chain of rare coastal dune lakes with freshwater mere yards from the Gulf of Mexico. Nature trails introduce you to the rugged barrier island dunes and the pine flatwoods around the lake.

Few more trails can be found at the following links, filter by trail length, type or rating to find what best fits your liking:


Few more State parks around our area:

I recommend going over the Florida State parks rules and Trails etiquette before heading out.

Enjoy our pool after a long trailing day :)

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